The Confetti Project is a photography series that profiles amazing humans and what they choose to celebrate in their lives. After a series of random events, JELENA became fascinated with the nostalgic yet emotive quality behind confetti on top of its striking appearance. This observation occurred around the same time she moved to Brooklyn where she quickly became inspired by all of the creatives she was surrounded by. She became very curious about the incentives behind actions and universal human truths. We all go through the same struggles, feelings of defeat and adversity but why do we continue to get out of bed in the morning? Shortly after, she decided to embark on a three-month photography challenge where she profiled 50 creative entrepreneurs in NYC and LA to then made a coffee table book (a lifelong dream of hers!) documenting it all. After she was rejected by the publishing industry, she gained clarity on her mission: profile as many amazing humans as possible all around the world. After profiling 150+ subjects over the past year, The Confetti Project has evolved into a visual study on human identity and a therapy in surrender, play and cultivating daily gratitude for every day we are here and alive is a treat (don't you think?).  


JELENA is a graphic designer with a BA in Psychology and affinity for visual storytelling residing in Brooklyn. 

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