I knew I was given a chance for something. Somebody out there said this type of energetic composition is not going to leave this consciousness at the moment and it needs to go through the process of learning something. There's fear, there's desire, there's absolute celebration of everything I can create. And if I can't create, I can't celebrate anything. Literally a month ago I said: what is my purpose? What's the purpose of this composition of me that came together and is speaking this way and is in this consciousness? What's the purpose? Is the purpose to share the story? Is the purpose to bring smiles to as many people as possible? Is the purpose to really use my power of alchemy and disrupt? I disrupt everywhere I go. I disrupt when I walk into a room and people don't speak the truth. I disrupt when I dance. I disrupt when I ask questions. I disrupt the status quo continuously. And I love what happens after that. I love the reaction from people because none of us are comfortable with change. I love that change. If I can then somehow learn to recreate and create and help someone create something they want where they can exude their best clarity, their best purpose, their best value, their best talents - then that's what truly drives me and propels me up. 


What absolutely gives me this sense of feeling that I can accomplish anything is music and alchemy. The ability that I can walk in somewhere and say to somebody: okay, you trust me on this. Let's go on this journey because I will change the way you think. So alchemy, music, innovation and continuously just being in peace with the waves of life. I won't even call them disruptions or changes - they're just waves of life. 



I don't wake up everyday all rosy. There are days where I wake up and all I want to do is pray. I'm not sure if that's rosy or not, I just want to pray. What gets me out of bed though is change and innovation. It's opportunities. It's what am I creating today that are moving things forward? It's just movement. It's continuous and it's continuum. And it's spirituality - this thing where I wake up and talk to the light. I'll say I'm grateful for this great little cat I have on the door - the zen cat. I'm grateful for my friends. I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for every soul that crosses my path. Or today give me strength to speak to people from my soul that touches their soul. Show me the way that can show me to touch more magic. So I don't wake up rosy everyday - I wake up sometimes with anxiety and bad thoughts. Shit, this is miserable. Look at my room. It's messy. Look at that, it's messy. There are so many things. Then I go: wow - time to stop. Then I just sit and go to the floor and do yoga breaths. But I think what really ticks me is that I can work hard and earn the other beauties in life. I'm not blessed with a rich mother or rich father, where I can peace out and travel for my life. What ticks me is people and cultures and music that I've gotten to explore my whole life. This is the 14th place in the world I've lived in. That I touch, feel, work in, go to school in - that I feel and explore.