I celebrate the divine feminine - the divine goddess in all of us. I am a light-worker and an new age witch and am always looking for a way to bring out the magic within me. I get out of bed to dance and bathe in the riches of the sun. I could tear up thinking about how long it takes to make a dance, put it on the stage and have people see it. That's so weird to me that that's what I choose to do: to make something for someone else in service of them. It's not really anything at the end of the day. It's just art. I'm not giving them something to keep. I get out of bed everyday to make art. To dance. I get out of bed everyday. But, some days my body hurts. Some days I had a bad night before. I still get up everyday. There's someone out there that will want to watch this. I don't know why - I'm not giving them anything but thoughts in their heads. It's not real but it's the most real thing. Everything is a black hole and void. I am passionate about the black holes of life and the things that we can't hold onto. That's why we have to celebrate it. You can't just live and pay your bills. The confetti of the everyday mundane. I believe that I need this to spread my light and love to those I work with, those I teach, those who love me. I stand for COLOR everyday and SMILES every night. I stand for love and finding the parts within ourselves that we didn't know were there. I stand for magical and personal development and I stand for ART.