My journey has been a long one but also a very short one. My intuition has always pointe me towards working with flowers. I was obsessed with them the first minute I ever received them from my first boyfriend. Then, they played an important role when I moved into my first apartment. I lived alone and loved the comfort of having another living thing in my space. They always made me feel warm, fuzzy and safe. Right now, I'm celebrating how aware I am of what I'm feeling when I wake up every morning. Being aware of my mood helps me prepare for the coming day. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I know I have to take a deep breath, strategize and tell myself I will get through today. When there is loss, pain heartache or when something goes wrong I give myself the space to feel is all. Without awareness, there is no room to reflect and move past the things that aren't working. Last Spring, I made the decision to throw myself into the floral design world. It took off immediately and I haven't looked back since, constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. There have definitely been many growing pains along the way but I feel that I have found my thing: the one I always dreamed of doing but didn't have the courage to make change. Now I embrace it. My process in creating an arrangement is a bit unconventional as I am a very visual and tactile person. I like to see what flowers are available in the market that day and vase my design around the colors and textures. I never know what I'm going to create until I get my hands on everything. How I'm feeling that day always reflects in my work, surprising myself often. Flowers as a medium have allowed me to finally give up control and let my emotions and creativity guide me. With this awareness, I am able to resolve conflict with ease, open up creatively, make connections, accept imperfection, heal my broken heart, grow, love myself and in turn love others.