When you're younger you think beauty is all about makeup but then when you're older I realized it had nothing to do with makeup. It's about the foundation: what you know and how you can make it the best by taking care of it all. People in beauty industry all talk about certain golden rules: sleep (which is the #1 thing), taking all your makeup off at night, drinking a lot of water, wearing sunscreen every single day. You could tell the difference between someone who's owning their look versus someone who's trying hard. I think you could see it with a glow. You can tell when someone is clean from the inside out versus other people that are kind of grey. My favorite model, Anja Rubic, is one of those people where the world don't really know her name but she's in everything. She's thirty years old but looks like she's nineteen: very simple, clean and au-natural. On the other hand, I really like extremes, either big hair or completely slicked back - sexy but in a not sexy way. Layering is one of my favorite things to do. I love it when there's a little peek-a-boo to something. I would describe my style as ugly pretty because it's not aesthetically pleasing. I don't use ugly as a bad term. I just think it's something that isn't totally attractive to the eye but I think is cool. People are more into something strange than something that's been done or is pretty. I always thought I would be in the fashion industry because there's nothing else I think about. Honestly, anything I look at gives me inspiration. I look at the wall and it's something that comes to my head. "Like, wait. This is something that would be great with this in my closet." Bits and pieces come to my mind naturally and I put it all in my book. My consistency is that I can't tolerate crap, from ingredients in beauty products to uncomfortable fabrics. The only thing to do is make something yourself or adjust it, like the lining of this new coat I got at Forever21. Just do you. It's all about breaking norms because in order to break them you have to be yourself - not half ass it but completely all the way. When you cultivate healthy lifestyle habits, you feel good. I think that really changes people's confidence - if they're good to themselves. If you're trying to be something you're not and you feel in your gut then make a change. Even if people don't like it and tell me to change I never did.