I celebrate that my story is not about moving to New York to run away from heartbreak. While wanting distance was a factor, I moved to New York to run towards new experiences where I can continue to show up authentically and vulnerably. I'm grateful for letting go of the need to control what is next because the surrender is what allows for possibilities beyond my imagination. Since I have found meditation a helpful practice for radical acceptance, I'm glad to pay it forward by teaching others and facilitating safe spaces for healing. Quieting my mind and listening to my inner wisdom has opened me up to life changing experiences. I choose to get out of bed each morning with humility and reverence for all those who came before me. I'm thankful for my life. I stand for the right of every being to exist with dignity and to have their voice heard with respect, especially those of us at intersectional identities. As a queer person of color, I'm committed to taking up space and being seen.