Since I was a kid, I've wanted to build/make/live my life in the moment. I currently hold several internships and jobs simply because of my fear of falling into a routine and getting bored. While this may seem like the mind of an ADHD child, I like to see it more as the goals of a creative trying to find his path in this world. A path that diverts often and with good cause. I learn a skill to a level at which I feel comfortable, then move on to the next. I guess you could say my goal is to be appreciated for the incredibly random and insane concepts and ideas that regularly pour out of my head. In terms of specifics, I love hardware synthesizers, good tea and scotch, sharing the music I love with the people I love, and more time to myself than I know what to do with. While I like to be around people (I love my friends, and I love finding people I have commonalities with), lately I have found more true comfort in being on my own. (individuality) A quiet, low key existence where I can be at ease. Nobody asks me for anything, nobody expects anything from me; what I produce is purely from my own will.