I choose to celebrate everything. I used to literally only celebrate myself on my birthday (known as Tracimas) but last year, I feel like everything clicked (which was nuts as it was the year I turned 35, too) but I started to REALLY know more about myself and feel comfortable with my decisions. I feel like it was a great year for work and for me personally because I am comfortable with myself now (though physically, that's another thing). I am always considered the fun one who plans and makes everything fun and an adventure. For me, life is about living it up and not having regrets. So do I need rose gold Mickey ears? Nah, but do I get them? Yes, because I WANT them and that's OK! I get out of the bed each day because I love what I do: connecting global community members who have a shared passion — contributing information on Google Maps to help others — and working with them to make the world a better place.