Right now I celebrate life as a whole. My passions are giving back to the world. I currently sit on the board of two non-profits - one that focuses on helping women and men who have been victims of abuse of power in the legal industry through bullying or sexual harassment, the other helps victims of human trafficking in NYC. I also try to work in the Williamsburg Brooklyn community to speak with young people. My pleasures are sitting at the beach with a good book in hand, singing songs and making up my own words, NYC weekend adventures, trapezing, silk acrobats, working out, eating ice cream and more. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and domestic violence. I was raped as a teenager and have had bad relationships. I was a teen mom. I have been homeless and I have starved. But now I have my own business, continue my education, travel and have beautiful people in my life who I am blessed to call family and friends. It has not been the worst life but it wasn't an easy life and this seems like a great way to celebrate where I am now and how much I love life. My biggest fear is not accomplishing everything that I'm capable of accomplishing. I know if I put my mind to it I can accomplish so many things. My biggest fear is failing to enjoy my life to the fullest that I can because then I'm cheating myself. This world has so much to offer. I don't know what tomorrow holds. I may not be here tomorrow and I want to leave good memories and enjoy my life as much as possible before anything happens to me.