This is my life and it's up to me to make it how amazing I want. I did have that personality where if something went wrong the first thing I would think of is: who do I blame for this? Now anytime something happens, I think: how could I have adjusted myself differently to be able to keep this from happening next time? And just that switch has turned me into the happiest person in the world. How can I not be? I'm alive. If I don't have a relative or loved one in the hospital or dying right now then I have no reason not to be happy today. No matter how bad it is going to get, nothing is going to get as bad as that. So that's kind of how I live my life - everyday has the potential to be amazing. So I celebrate everything and I celebrate today: the moment I wake up, take my first conscious breath, blink open my eyes, move my limbs and feel my heartbeat. Any day alive is worth celebrating.