We all have a need to communicate with the world and those around us. Whether it was sharing stories, songs, or paintings around a fire in cave or doing the same around hors d’oeuvres, beers, and lattes. Our ability to communicate is our art. Our most beautiful art comes from when we can express ourselves completely and unabashedly. I often come back to a conversation I had with another guy in this book, whose mantra is fearlessness - we discussed how a person’s art is essentially their brain’s path of least resistance. I always truthfully joke that I only write because I can’t draw. Where some folks see the world in kaleidoscopic explosions of colors, shapes, and textures, others are more in tune with the music of it all; they hear the melodies I see as metaphors. It’s this crazy magic that we all share and the reason why it jams me up when we can be so cavalier and reckless with the way we discount and treat the inherent artistry in every one of us. Let’s celebrate us. Let’s dance freely to the music played by us, singing the words written by us, and paint the world in a self-portrait of us. Let there be no resistance when we communicate.