I was one of those kids that said they were going to be an artist when they were really young so I've always tried to find the creative aspect of something, being very observant and analytical as I dove deep into things. As I got older, I've been trying to find the balance between: how can I find security but still do something creative? Then I got my master's in Architecture. Now I'm in this place where I'm defining what my life looks like. I have the final say of what I'm going to do here. I celebrate beauty. Creating art. Being vulnerable. Accepting people as flawed but lovable. For me, it always comes back to expression. I'm very much an introvert and I notice that the older I get, the smaller I make myself. So, I'm trying to move out of that and allow myself to be more expressive - whether that's through my art, externally or with anything. Yes, it's my 30th birthday but I feel like it's a new chapter too.