Just last week I was like, "Fuck fashion." And then I started working at Rag & Bone this week and I was like "...but I don't hate it!" Definitely a love-hate relationship with fashion. I love that in the past, designers had inspirations when making a whole collection first seen on the runway. When you get to see it put together you really see it as a form of art, especially if you work for a brand and the designer tells you how they were inspired. I'm not a colorful person and always pick neutral colors, so brands that have really interesting cuts in bodies of clothing: boxy, square, high on one side - more about shapes are designs that I gravitate towards. I'm super monotone so I think it’s so intelligent that they can do all sorts of shapes with one color. There's unfortunately so much fast fashion now, which makes me want to work towards sustainable fashion in the future. I've recently been down about fashion largely due to its negative impact on the environment, i.e. using cheap materials and child-labor. Now that people know that this is an issue I think fashion will end up going in a better direction. Hopefully companies will start hiring people to help within the company to fix such problems. At first, environmentally friendly alternatives are more expensive financially, but in the long run they are actually more cost effective. That's what my paper for grad school was about. The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world and I got to see that firsthand. I'm moving to Tokyo to study global environmental studies for the next two years. I studied International Relations in college but had always interned in fashion. When I graduated I thought that I had to make a choice between fashion and the environment, but now I see how I can integrate the two. Everyone should recycle! Adopt don’t shop! Puppies 4ever. And horses.