It's nice to see someone grabbing life by the horns and doing it because that's the entire intention behind performance and everything that you do. It's getting people to be fearless. Like why are going to fear anyone? If you had everyone in a room and you had them put down the 5 things they fear the most it's going to match everyone else. Society imposes so much fear on you and so many restrictions that I feel are so pointless and that's kind of the reason why I write because writing is an analog for my existence when I'm not there in person. If I write something a short story is my avatar and communicates what I want to say without having me be there in person. I love throwing people up on stage at events and just getting them to do it. If I didn't do it myself I would be a hypocrite. I want people to stop living inside their heads and start living expressively. Exist! Try things. Try people. Try conversations. Don't be afraid. Travel. "Fear nothing. Love all." So many people are use to seeing what they want to see. They see some white guy freshly shaven in a suit and they don't expect him to hop into a rap cypher and that's what I love to do. I love to break perceptions. All these perceptions that people make and they fit the mold and they expect it to fit. Break that mold. You have to take everybody as they are. Nobody's perfect. The things that I try to get out there are the things that I struggle with too. Self-consciousness is silly but I'm open about it. I don't pretend like I'm not self-conscious about certain things. Get out there and move. Being as open as possible. It's silly for me for someone not to do. Human interaction. Make eye contact. When weight is released form people, you feel so much lighter and you cry. There's a certain glisten in their eye. You've reached a point. Every peak you get to is higher and higher. That's how every idea is. There's always higher mountains. People are finally a little more relaxed. Physically expressive. That breaks that barrier. It opens it up.