I spent a good deal of my younger years harboring various unconscious negative attitudes about being a girl. Through a colossal amount of introspection and work, I am now finally owning my femininity. I am so thrilled with the woman i am becoming -- which, as it turns out, is all pink flowers, passion and grace and I've never been happier. I've also been helping young girls find their own happiness and value through mentoring, which has been such a radical experience. Witnessing the moment when someone realizes their worth...that potential is what gets me excited to engage with the world every morning . I celebrate the warm, compassionate, curvy experience of being a woman and I celebrate worth.  

My pleasures are simple and mostly organic: pink flowers, grapefruit and the sunset. The sunset is an important one for me. I feel more embodied in the setting of the sun than its rising. I think it speaks more to my reflective nature than the tendency to anticipate the future. Whenever I catch those gorgeous pink and orange streaks in the sky at the end of the day, i'm reminded how beautiful gracefully letting go of things that aren't meant for you can be. It makes me feel lucky not because i get to catch the sunset, but more because it means so much to me to do so. 

Lastly, I celebrate YOU, my darling Jelena, for being such a wild, creative force and for illuminating the beauty in the friends around you. You have a gift and you are brilliant; and in your brilliance, you make others shine. Proud to know you :)