What wakes me up everyday is not the expectations that other people have for me or that someone is telling me to be somewhere at 8am. It's not because I want to impress anyone. It's because I f*cking love what I do and I know that I connect with people who I really know are passionate and if someone is not passionate I don't connect with them and I really believe that my role is to go out there and bring people together that are passionate so that they can make their art better because I think as a passionate person sometimes you can feel lonely. I celebrate fire, passion and relentless creativity. I feel like my job is to find those weird freaks out there and connect all the freaks of nature and do cool sh*t because it's awesome. But I also feel like my job is to interact with everyday people and ignite them in a way they haven't had. I just love when I can make people smile or I love when I can make people feel empowered or better about themselves. I don't sugar coat life but I'm definitely optimistic and I love complimenting people for what they rock at. If I'm going to find that thing that you rock hard at, then I'm going to tell you that you're a bad*ss. Inspire people to be authentic. That's why I created #halfthestory. We're all just people walking around. Sometimes I look outside and am like: woah, we're all just little ants on the earth. It's okay.