Every morning my first thought is that I’m glad I’ve woken up. I think that’s a privilege. That is already an achievement. It’s like exercising in the morning: the rest of the day is yours because you’ve already gotten it done. I really celebrate the love in my life. I roll over and just stare at Brett for 5 or 7 minutes every morning and just breath in his breath out’s. It’s really good. I’m just glad that he’s there and he’s asleep and I can look at him without getting up. I really celebrate my body. I stretch every morning. I try to do push ups every morning. Everyday I wake up and I’m grateful that I have independent movement. Then I’m just glad I can really do what I want. I have responsibilities but I celebrate my freedoms. Showing in Williamsburg and then not needing to be in the Village for an hour and being creative and motivated and open enough to think, “I think i’ll walk the bridge instead of taking the L.” I’ve been maximizing everyday on this earth for 10 years or so but not longer than that.