I celebrate the grit: the drive and stamina to pursue things, to stick to your goals and achieve them, no matter what those are. It can be seen as a synonym for passion but it's also a lot of work and determination! I overall consider myself very fortunate, even if plenty of things I've done and experienced didn't come easy at all to me but I celebrate all of that journey! Just one of couple of "adventures" I was in: I got admitted to the best business school in Italy and only later found out I had to study entirely in Italian - a language I didn't speak at all. Looking back, I still don't know how I pulled it off but I gave all my exams in due time and maintained the scholarship - and I know it was the grit I felt in my stomach that made me do it. There were then other obstacles in my career and there always will be but because of my past experiences I learned that the perseverance and effort combined with good spirit will create a platform for success. I stand for working on living the life you want to live - whatever that may be.