I celebrate expression. I celebrate and wake up everyday with the hope of just making the most incredible, honest and beautiful shit that I can. I celebrate creating because creating enables you to exercise your demons. You can express characters through music. It's acting. You can develop your stage presence. It's escapism as well. I've seen the power of music in a very real way with thousands of people firsthand, whether it be a wedding or a festival. People live and breath for it. If you think about it and watch it happen, it's like: what are these people here for? Why are there a thousand people or more at this festival? Why does a baby freak out and start panting when music comes on? Or, walk up to the front of the band, sit mesmerized and start moving? I see it all the time. For me, it's music, food and sex. Sex is at the bottom. Actually, music, food, good relationships. And sex is definitely in there but you know. Man, there's something about music. It's that inexplicable magic. I can't get off of that shit. Even when I'm feeling shitty, someone will come up to me and say, "man, you helped get through a tough moment."