For sixteen years I really wanted to kill myself. It was something I really struggled with and now for the first time - for three years now - I've been so happy with me life and I have everything I've ever wanted. My sixteen year old self - all that girl's dreams came true. I live in the city. I get to live a fabulous lifestyle that I wasn't allowed to have. I wasn't allowed to have any friends. My parents didn't really trust anyone. It was just really hard at the time. I was such a social person so being restricted like that was so hard. Freedom really means a lot to me. I moved out when I was 18. I got my own apartment. I worked a couple jobs. Another thing I want to celebrate is my relationship with my Dad. It changed dramatically after I moved out. Suddenly, all that restriction and abuse growing up he acknowledged and now he's my best friend. What inspires me? My supporters keep me going. I use to be a person that would stay in bed all day but I don't do that anymore because I have to keep creating and showing people that you can be a young woman that is powerful and strong. I just think of my younger self looking up to other people and for me it was always female musicians so I thought I would be in the music industry. I only switched to tattooing after I got my degree. Organic change is really exciting to me. What wakes me up in the morning? The idea that I can create something original, new and exciting. I love the permanence and impermanence of tattoo art. A tattoo is only going to live as long as the person is alive.