I’m celebrating the wildest year in my life! Applying for permanent residency in France, having a baby, leaving toxic nonsense behind, building a new brand, and getting married! And I want to celebrate a little of just me (!!!!) right now. As a mom and a wife there’s not a lot of me time, and I am ready to say “hi Makenna! Let’s celebrate!" I literally have nothing to complain about except for the bureaucratic nonsense that sometimes invades my life. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have to worry but I don't have to stress about money. This is the first time in my life that I've had that. I never thought I'd be someone in their mid-30's who's stable. I remember watching people when I was in my 20's asking myself: can I be like that? It feels good to actually have made it, sort of. I got here by taking a lot of calculated action. Taking action is a skill set. It takes practice. It's much easier to stay stuck, in that version of inertia, especially if you have resources. I bought Julia Child's house in France. And one of my favorite stories from buying it is how many comments/emails I received from people saying that they *almost* did the same thing. I started collating them. I keep a folder of the almost. Almost. Almost. Almost. I think I had over 150-200 emails. I decided to call my real estate agent and ask: how many people inquired about the house? About 10. Excuse me? We had about ten inquires. So there's 200 people who believed to almost buy it but they never even called the real estate agent. I'm willing to chase most things. I use to be the dreamer and now I'm the doer. But I also know how to chill, breathe. Most people don't believe that, but that's because when I am in rest mode I'm not around people. I rest every week for at least a full day. So I've found balance. It doesn't have to be perfectly even but you also don't have to work all the time to be successful. So here I am celebrating letting go, of so much. And welcoming the pieces that serve me.