I grew up loving Peter Pan. Living in a tree house, flying, and sword-fighting pirates – what could be better?! But what really stayed with me is Peter Pan’s belief that all you need to make something happen is “faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.” That’s been my motto for the past few years. We all grow up, except one, but we can do anything and carry magic with us. I’ve been told that I have the energy of Peter Pan and I trail glitter like a fairy. The way I often express myself is through making things – crafts, costumes, and art. Creating and bringing a project to life is magical. I used to be able to spread the belief that anything is possible, beautiful, magical. It was my pixie dust touch. This year has tested that. What I stand for right now is getting my magic back. I’m trying to let go of negativity, anxiety, and apologizing for how much space I take up. I’m trying to come back to all the things that I know to be true. Magic. Faith. Trust. Pixie dust.