Right now I stand for strong, confident women. I cannot stress this enough. The past year of my life brought on a completely life-altering, heart-breaking and totally unexpected divorce. I found myself completely lost, confused and broken. This has been a year of re-birth: of growth and finding inner strength I never thought I would have or need. And I'm just beginning to find myself. So, I celebrate being in the moment and focusing on the joy of now. I hear sounds differently. I now take a walk and don't necessarily put headphones in: to hear and see the beauty of these moments.

I think I celebrate just being aware of everything that's going on. I feel myself being alive when I get up. I feel my muscle pain after a run. If there's a sunset or if it's cloudy. – I notice these things. I try to be outside a lot more than I ever have: whether you're in the forest hearing birds or in New York hearing trucks. Just being aware of my current atmosphere and appreciating where I’ve come from & everything that has led me to each individual moment. 

Somehow in the past year of tears, I've realized how lost I am and, more importantly, how excited I am to truly find myself. I'm a 27 year old divorcee, and somehow I find myself having more confidence than women who (I label as) more successful, older and wiser than myself. We as women need to build each other up. We need to choose happiness. Choose not to compare. We need to find our own confidence and not let anyone else determine it. We don't need to analyze where we are at with where we "should be." I can't stress this enough that this is my current passion. It breaks my soul to see the most beautiful, intelligent women around me beat themselves up over a pant size, a slice of pizza, her job title or a comment from the opposite sex. I want to build up the women around me. I want the women in my life to feel happy...and truly from within. I want to celebrate them! Because I'm so grateful for the people around me - they're hands down the reason I'm alive.