My goal is to make wellness sustainable and empowering for as many people as I can. This lofty goal sometimes leads me to get caught up in trying to make every piece of my work absolutely perfect. I break free from this tendency by celebrating my unconditional love for what I do. Measurable goals keep me grounded, but love keeps me inspired. It’s impossible to be perpetually certain (of what the results of a project will be, or of what opportunity will come next) - so I celebrate that all I can do is let love lead me to the next step, and embrace each one of those steps - even in times when my body, my work, or my surroundings don’t look exactly like I "want" them to. 

I used to push myself past my limits in attempt to meet my idealistic objectives. But I now realize I don’t need to do that in order to achieve my goal of helping others. I just need to mindfully pursue what I love; this will inevitably lead me to inspire, nurture, and guide others towards their own love. I also need to just celebrate the next step. And I don't mean in the next five years...I mean the next step I'm going to take across the floor right now. Discovering how important that is - just to focus on the next right thing for you - is liberating. 

I actually don't need to think about if I'm going to own a fitness studio five years from now or if I'm going to finish my graduate degree in the next year. There's all this stuff that distracts us from being in the present moment. All you can do right now is what feels right for you in this moment. Over the last couple of weeks, my life has changed really rapidly. This has allowed me to realize that there is only the present. I don't exist in the past and I don't exist in the future. I only exist right now so how about I make the most of it? Things always seem to work out. Some of the most exciting things that have happened to me are things that I didn't plan for and so why do I bother thinking about anything other than the next step in front of me?