I celebrate the uncertainty of life. Everyday we're given an opportunity to make a choice whether or not we're going to show up for ourselves. And whether or not we're going to greet the day as a chance to hide from it and stay in our corner or really take advantage of everything we can do and everything that can potentially go right. And when things don't go right - as they're not always going to - how can we be the best version of ourselves and really push ourselves to do the right thing and stay true to what we believe in? That has constantly been manifesting for me over the last ten years but really has become my anchor and my compass in this tenth year of living in New York because it has been so challenging. I feel stronger than ever now just because all of the hardships I've gone through. It's a special place to be in at this point. If I've learned only one thing in this short life of mine, it's that in our most challenging moments - the battles we win and the wars we conquer - that's when we truly know what we stand for.