I'm new to the city, country and continent so I'm excited about everything that I come across. I've never considered suddenly changing everything so drastically - dropping everything within four days booking a one way flight to NYC and leaving my everyday life behind. In Europe, if I’m far from home, familiar faces are always around and grandma’s cooking is maximum a three hour flight away which makes it feel safe and secure no matter where I am. I lived in 10 different cities around Europe, yet nothing has ever felt so new like this place does – so unexpected and unplanned. I had no time for planning or making assumptions so I came with an open mind.

Bring it on. Whatever comes along you just have to take it or leave it.

And it makes me learn a lot. I'm grateful to be in New York because it opened my eyes to explore, play and constantly learn. If there's any place where anything can happenit's definitely here. I love walking around and just taking everything in. Like a sponge- the lights,  mixture of cultures, the art.

And most importantly people. Different values, upbringings, particular stages in their lives, cultures and habits. People doing things that I've never considered human beings could do. Characters here are true shapers of the place, they are the art. It was ,however, probably the most difficult thing(yet the most refreshing) to learn to say yes to everything and be grateful for it. Understanding that I can't really rely on anything else but the expectation that I set up.  And then let go, get out of my comfort zone and make things work. It is always a lesson, yet always a precious one.

For that I thank NYC every day.