Today and every day, I celebrate individuality. I've always struggled with being a tad off-stream - I dance more passionately, cry more intensely, speak more theatrically and sass more freely than most. But being different, being *more* than most is what drives me -- no matter how scary or anxiety-inducing that may feel at times. It's taken some reflection, but I've realized that If I can't rally a group to spontaneously go to that morning rave or to that lip-sync battle or that secret comedy show tucked in a TBD location in Greenpoint, that's okay. I don't need a crowd. I'll stick to sticking out of the crowd. People will always try to put you in a box, a box tightly sealed and wrapped, with a big, fat label slapped on. Well, I resist. No one puts Baby in a box (unless it’s filled with confetti).