A child’s innocence is amazing to me and how they perceive the world. I want to do that with her. I want to bring her into a world of positivity. I love the fact that when we get up in the morning we can mold the day. Are they all going to be flowery? No. But there are positive spins on everything. I think that’s what I try to do every morning. Everyday could be a new day and it doesn’t have to be magical or perfect but there are always positive encounters. New York City has an energy that you can feed off of or you can have it make you crumble. Having a baby and bringing them up in that environment and showing them that the world is awesome. You have to contribute to that. There’s a lot of innocence in being a child and being a mom of that child - realizing you’re going through it with them. I’m really looking forward to that: rebuilding faith in humanity.