I wake up everyday and I'm happy to be here. I wake up and am in awe of the capacity of this world to delight us. I get out of bed every morning and it's like: oh wow - another opportunity to see things, feels things, taste things that I may have experienced a thousand times before and love (like the singing of a bird) or something new. It's the ability to engage with the world. I'm so aware of what luck it is to be alive. I realize that not everyone feels that way but what I try to do in my work is to reveal the hidden joyful nature in everything - or as many things - around us. To remind people that the world has all this joy embedded in it. For me, this journey has been one about nurturing an idea. When you write a book, it's like being in a nutshell - it's alone and it's in solitary. Even though I live with someone I love and care about and talk about it with all the time, it's still you and the page. You are alone with the page at the end of the day. So then comes this period where this nutshell is broken open and you're exposed to the world. You have this opportunity to see how your ideas affect people - especially when people are skeptical and then they're like: Oh, I tried looking for joy and I saw it! You made it look easy so I decided to try it. I feel so grateful for something that has helped me so much and that it can help other people too — that's really what I'm grateful for right now. I'm also celebrating the people that this has brought into my life. I focus so much on ideas and the work and sometimes I forget to reach out. In a way, this is my way of reaching out. By putting something out into the world and having people react to it, it's a way that I can connect with people.