Love, words, laughter and light get me out of bed in the morning, and the same things keep me in bed on weekend mornings. Curtains, blinds and shades are not my friend (not even during those long Northern summer nights). I absolutely have to be able to see the sky from my bed: It’s a beautiful carrier of light and reflects seasons, transitions and contrasts. Light changes, colors change and people change with seasons and I love how they cannot be controlled, but all bring a different kind of light and thus affect my mood. I’m inspired by different seasons, their contrasts and light: I love natural light, warm light, dusty light, cool and crisp light, Northern Lights, candle light, string lights, street lights, reflections, sparklers*, fires, sunsets and sunrises. My loved ones (myself included) also bring an irreplaceable light into my life and these relations create words, love and laughter and are a reason for celebration in itself. I’ll never run out of love, laughter, fascination with light(s) or words (I even talk –and laugh- in my sleep), but this is probably (more than) enough words for now.