I get up for love and happiness. You’re catching me at a time where I’ve been so into enriching my world but for a long time creativity and challenge was what got me up. The idea of meeting a challenge. I’ve always challenged myself. Before it would be more in a work setting. Now it’s more about being compassionate to myself and being in a zen place. Also, food is a huge part of my life. I’ve always loved food. My dad was a chef. My last name is Sause. I love to cook but would never do it professionally so I have found the perfect job: an event director at a catering company. Even if I wasn’t doing that I would be a foodie. I find that I relate to people through food. I love starting everyday knowing it’s a brand new day and I get to see my husband when I come home from work. We are just figuring out the next steps in our life. There’s something about a wedding that makes you realize what’s really important. I don’t know if I’m that career hungry woman I thought I was. Suddenly, I’m craving a house and backyard. There’s been a shift coming into these realizations. It’s this really exciting time where we’re both on the same page in starting the next chapter. We don’t want to give up our nice little life in our tiny little apartment in the city just yet though.