I celebrate that my body is expressing my feminine creativity at all times in my womb. I celebrate that my husband and I have created a new life together. I celebrate that I am blessed to create a new generation in the lineage of my family and carry on traditions, while making new memories. I would say in terms of preparing to not listen too much to other people. It's not a journey outward of figuring out outside of you what you need but let it be a journey inward, connecting with yourself. I feel, at this point, that labor and delivery is trusting the unknown. The more you can listen to cues from your body and get that mind-body feedback, I think that's probably the most you can prepare yourself. It's trusting that you can get through whatever comes up. If I had to say one thing to Ryder right now: you are magic. I think that's all I would say. And I love you, no matter what.