I started off the year in the darkest place off my life - a newly single mum after my 18 year relationship ended unexpectedly. I was 17 when we met, just a child. I’m learning who I am now as an adult in a world completely foreign to me and I’m loving who I am.

I live for my 2 children (Archie and Willow) but I am also living for myself too. I’m trying lots of new things including a Krav Maga training program. I took my first child free holiday to NYC, it was the first time I flew long distance on my own. And just last week I became the proud owner of a puppy (but don’t tell the kids it’s a surprise).

I’ve learned how resilient I am after experiencing something I never dreamed imaginable and I’m so proud of the strength I’ve shown in getting my life back together and protecting my kids from the fall out. I always knew I was a strong person but I never gave myself credit for just how strong I actually am.

I wanted to participate in a confetti shoot because it’s time to celebrate ME and all the great things I am. It was only a few months ago that I was made to believe that I was to blame for how my life turned out but with time, love and a lot of self care, I know now how untrue that is. I’m a kick arse chick with a lot to offer the world! The words that keep coming to my head are bold, brave and beautiful. That's become my motto. I feel bold. I feel brave. I'm trying to feel beautiful again.

The whole reason for my trip to NYC was to spoil myself and give something to me, which I haven't truly done since having children. When you are a Mum your world rotates around these little human beings and you never put yourself first. In the end, that was a big part of why my marriage ended. But as I’ve endured what has happened I have learned that if I'm happy and living life, the kids will thrive. It’s important to me that they see me that way. In the beginning I was faking it whereas now I'm at the point where it’s not an act anymore. I am happy again and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”