I’m really proud of myself for everything that I’ve done in SoulCycle because I feel like I was never really one of those people that was very confident in myself. I also feel like the setbacks helped me. This surgery I had for instance. I was so terrified but at the same time I have people in my life like my sister there who decorated my rooms with balloons. I taught me to appreciate what I do have. I can’t curate a list because there are so many things that pass by us and I don’t realize it until I sit down and actually think about it. There’s so much that could be wrong. I’m so lucky I have a family that can get along with each other. That’s something I’m really grateful for. I choose to celebrate the memories in my life because there are so many things that I look back on that keep me going. Like when me and Adrianna would have fashion shows when we were younger. She would put these clip-on scrunchies all over my head and make me look so ugly. It’s so fun to look back on those times because whenever I do it makes me genuinely happy. When you catch yourself daydreaming. I always think back to my grandma when it was her birthday and she was eating cupcakes. I feel like it’s one of those things that we build upon. The good or the bad, I feel like it’s one thing that always sticks with us.