I carry the words "create what you most need to find" I celebrate discovering my own inner truth and cultivating it through creativity and love. I practice the A course in miracles and am now teaching it through my work as an artist + as a creative guide. Each morning i rise with the words " i choose love" and practice morning devotions ~ practicing my hand-lettering through intuitive affirmations.. i am inspired + faith filled + spirited. I lead by my intuition. I am passionate about creating creative opportunities for individuals to explore the space within and uncover their own inner truth. I am passionate about affirmations and create custom affirmation beads with hand-lettered I AM affirmations. I carry the words " trust in your truth, honor your journey, I AM a moving devotion, unfold into all you are, be brave, only love, stay close to your practice. I am passionate about yoga, indoor cycling, journaling, ripping paper and documenting my journey through book arts + photography. I am a indoor cycling teacher and a beginners yoga teacher. I teach art journaling, love to travel, love downtown, coffee, music. I stand for truth. connecting with your inner truth - here is where change takes place in the world is when we are willing to go into the space within - choose love - and live boldly in our truth. I am just launching my new site art of daily practice that encompasses the last 2 years of my journey stepping into the words artist nichole rae. I have been creative since I was 6 years old. I am from MN and spent 8 years away from the area in southern CA. i was in NYC in 2005 for 5 days and documented my journey there through book arts. my website artist nichole rae and art of daily practice has a lot of my words and art. I am so excited to connect with you and honored.