Once it's something that's started then you always want it to keep going. You never want to stop it. I think that's very important. I think momentum is really important because it's relevant to anything - whether it's in skateboarding or music. No one ever jumps on a drum set and starts playing the best beats of their life. It takes momentum. You start play for 7 minutes you get warmed up. By the time you're in it and you're no longer thinking about it and things are moving at a pace you couldn't have even imagined that's when you're at your best. Just like skateboarding when I'm ripping down some street in Brooklyn that I'm scared as fuck of I know that if I fall and get hurt I'll get mugged and no one's going to give a shit about me yet I'm still skating as fast as possible and I'm scared as hell and jumping over these things that I don't know I'm going to make. That's fucking insane. As long as it happens..when you're done you can look back and it and be like "wow that was amazing" I think that's when your body and your brain are talking to each other and you're performing at some of the highest levels you're capable of. You know?In life it's the same thing. When you have a week where you have so much shit going on, you know that you should tell people NO and you should focus on just this to get it done or whatever that's bullshit. You should always cram everything and try to make it all work just to keep that momentum going because if you only focus on too little things then I think you become irrelevant because that momentum stops. Does that make sense?