I celebrate the meaning of life by being able to bring loving and beautiful humans into the world. Motherhood is definitely the hardest job in the world but it's the most rewarding. I've had people ask me what's so rewarding about it and I say everything: the smile of that child running up to you when you get home from work, when they're scared and they go to you for comfort. You've created a life and you've had a human that is half of you and half of the person you love. All the uncomfortableness of being pregnant - you forget about it all because it's worth it. As long as that baby is happy and healthy, you really don't care what happens to you. You never know what your body is capable of until you're pregnant. That a woman's body can grow a human and make it through labor - through all that pain. That's the most trauma that your body is naturally going to go through and we're meant and built to go through that. I celebrate the fact that I am a strong woman and I can and will do anything.