I choose to celebrate movement, the ability to just MOVE is such a gift, while at the same time knowing when to be still. Movement is so primal, so natural, so necessary for feeling alive. Stillness is where you find the answers. Finding the perfect balance between the two is fundamental. The ability to move, to create, to exist is what gets me out of bed these days. I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to celebrate. I try not to take anything for granted, especially not my body, my health and my relationships. My family and friends have always been so important to me, but it was proven to me on a whole new level. With everything I went through this past year, my relationships were put to the test. The people who love you during your worst are the people that you should treasure beyond measure. Find those people and love them HARD. I stand for health. I stand for gratitude. I stand for growth. I stand for strength. And most importantly, I stand for love. It's easy to love yourself when things are going well. It's another thing to love yourself when shit gets really hard. Love the dark parts as well as the bright parts, for you wouldn't be you without all of your collective experiences. The same goes for others. It's our responsibility to love each other and to lift each other higher. As long as we keep loving and keep learning, we can do no wrong.