What motivates me is not only my personal triumph's and hard times as well - I definitely celebrate and appreciate the hard times as much as the good but I do it for everyone else who is in the same situation as me, whether they've triumphed or lost their battles. I celebrate for them because I've been given a voice a lot of people don't have. I've always had this weird relationship with my body but I have this deeper appreciation for it. Because after going through something like this you could be more negative. Why did my body do this to me? You can self-loathe a lot. My body has changed a lot but I actually love it a lot more. Holy shit, my body's done some awesome things. My body has beat cancer. My body literally had poison pumped into it and brought me to the other side. Now I'm kind of going back to normal, doing my old routines. It was only a few months ago I couldn't walk from my bed to my couch. Now I feel like I have a new lease on life. My journey of fully embracing my new body can inspire countless other women to do so too.