I celebrate the ability to grow life inside my body, and the ability to give my first child and my two year old daughter the intimate bond of siblinghood via my unborn son. I celebrate the love my husband and I have for each other and each of our children. I am looking forward to seeing my older child and new infant interact and navigate both love for each other as well as the inevitable jealousy involved in sharing your home and parents with a new crying tiny stranger. I'm excited about capturing this time. I like the way my body looks when I have a nice pregnant, round belly. It's a very short-lived period in pregnancy in because for most of the time you can't see, feel it or it's very subtle. I like to feel it to move inside me. It tells me that he's doing well. Luckily for me pregnancy hasn't been hugely uncomfortable. It's been pretty healthy and active so I feel lucky. If I had to tell him one thing: enjoy it in there - it's like an all expenses vacation that's climate controlled. I imagine it's nice in there. It's like having a hotel with a hot tub and a mini-bar and a buffet. All-in-one.