I live each day to the fullest as we never know when it will be our last. After having a cystic tumor on my brain at 12 years old, I make sure to experience life as if tomorrow is not promised. My family is my life, including my husband and my two sons (19 and 17), my Mom (a 7 year stroke survivor) and my Dad. They have all been good life teachers that inspire me everyday. I love to connect and bring different groups of people together.  I do triathlons, mud runs,  and I'm all about doing things, not quitting and pushing myself to the limit. I believe in being aware of what the universe is telling you. There were a number of things that led me to do triathlons: running into a woman who said she was doing one. At that point, I wasn't fit and didn't exercise. Never in a million years would I have thought of it. Then, I reconnected with two friends from college who do triathlons, and I went to a meeting for anyone who was intrigued to do one. I hadn't committed to myself yet, but when I started telling people, I was on the hook.  I am as slow as molasses, but for me, finishing is a huge accomplishment. I just love them. I have a never-quit mentality. I think there's no upside in complaining and questioning why, why, why - in all facets of life. Find a solution and keep moving forward. I stand for living with no regrets.