Working with students at 100cameras, it’s beautiful because what we celebrate in our work is the power of perspective and that perspective is different for every individual human being, for every individual culture all across the world. We are all functioning in this shared space together and really celebrating the differences but also the similarities. In these student’s images, you see their celebratory hearts in it. Their three hour walks to water in Sudan, you see that they’re still kids and grateful in that moment and that’s what they portray in their images. In that, it frees me in a way that I respond to that and I celebrate that with them. Its not even a matter of feeling guilty. When I first came back from India, I felt guilty for being born here in this experience vs another. Some wise people challenged me to see that my perspective is all backwards. I should be so grateful that I am born here and that i experienced that different perspective. And reminds them that their perspective is important and reminding me that perspective is important. Not demonizing it. That’s an important part as to why I do what I do and get out of bed everyday. Some days I do that much better than others. There are definitely seasons that I forget to celebrate. You can definitely see it in me as a person, in my relationships, in my work, me in my positivity for the organization of its future. You can easily lose yourself in that. Celebration is a really important reminder.