It has been sublimely awakening to feel so present in every connection, to celebrate and be grateful for the energetic force that is positivity. These past two years have been a kind of mental shift for me. I had this book sitting on my shelf for years called ‘The Celestine Prophecy,’ and one day, it was finally my time to open it. I felt like my visions and intentions were crystal clear. Leaving behind a veil of fear and questions. The book discusses basic laws of the universe - energetic connections, the law of attraction, and manifesting your deepest desires and dreams. What stuck with me most was how everyones thoughts have the power to become palpable things. And when you choose to vibrate out a positive frequency, the opportunities, adventures and connections are endless. I have always considered myself to be a positive person, but there was a brief time in my life where I felt like everything was closing in of me. I didn’t like the point I was at and I knew it wasn’t like myself to feel sad all the time.  Then came the profound moment when I realized that the environment I was living in was bringing me down. I needed to start focusing on the positive and look out further into the sea of opportunity if I wanted to live everyday celebrating life. Part of what makes us humans special, is the ability to feel deeply through our emotions. But the true question is, “What part of those emotions do I want to focus my energy on?” Now, whenever those low feelings resurface I take a moment to think back on these simple laws of the universe. Since I began this practice, new and wonderful experiences continue to manifest before my eyes. Everyday I spend a least one moment visualizing a life that fulfills my hearts desire; journeying on a positive path where my vibrations ascend high into the cosmos.