This year has been transformational for me in more ways than I care to revisit. But through all of this, I’ve taken my power back. I get ridiculously excited about working with entrepreneurs to find their gutsy and brand it. So many people work jobs they hate only because they’re afraid to take the risk to make the change. It’s easy to keep doing the same thing. Sometimes it’s hard as shit to change your life. I want to be the voice that plants the seed which helps people say, “yes, I can do this.” I celebrate the possibility. Literally today, I can do whatever I want. What I celebrate the most is that anyone can create anything without a lot of rules. It's mostly getting out of your own head. I love that people have cool ideas and they don't have to give up on it. They can put momentum behind it. It can turn into something. Every company on the planet has started like that. Amazon and Google started in a garage. Creativity is fascinating. It blows my mind when it's paired with entrepreneurship. For me, gutsy is an internal feeling that you want to do something and you might be scared shitless to do it but you feel so passionately that you have to do it that if you don't do it you won't ever stop thinking about it. Being afraid but doing it anyway because you're called to it.