I celebrate good people doing good. Good to me is better than ok - it's elevating our own status quo or the status of others. Good can also be that feeling of learning that new instrument you've been meaning to, spending time in nature, throwing fundraisers, learning through experience, reading, or looking out for your neighbors you barely know. As a strategist I tend to overthink things in an analytical way but feelings and that "gut instinct" sometimes you can't explain. So in this moment I celebrate jumping fearlessly into the unknown. Disregarding all judgement. Being so hungry for more out of life that I'm no longer checking my safety nets but just MOVING FORWARD. Finding motion, any motion if you feel in your gut that push. I write. I sing. I photographer. I travel. I paint because it's fun. I call myself a Jackie of all trades. I don't need to figure it out in that instant or be an expert in everything I do. Trust the process. I remind myself those who are successful are fearless to try new things. Fail faster to learn and find stronger footing towards success. Find the goodness you seek and goodness will seek you.