I had a friend that said he will spend three hours in bed watching TV before he gets up. I’ve never done that in my life. Ever. I grew up with pets so I’d wake up because my pets would wake me up and I would have to feed them. So I’m not good at staying in bed. I’m also not good at not wanting to go out and run around in the world. I have to work hard to go home and clean my room and just sit there. It’s not FOMO. I just like to be experiencing things, even if it’s in a cafe reading a book. I just love adventure and questing and having an inventory of goods on my person used to make something. I will often leave the house with a weird sequin dress in my backpack - not necessarily with a destination in mind - but in case I get somewhere and I really want to be wearing a sequin dress or a ball gown right now. That is one way I wake up everyday and feel excited is that there is always all of this potential. It’s not like everyday has to be the most exciting day of your life but if you take that desiring of questing and apply it to your own reality, you can make everything tinged with magic. I’m a practicing witch and I love witchcraft which is basically look at a modality of looking at the world - for me - through a lens of intentionally making actions ritualistic and performative. Ascribing a potentiality to simple things to how you relate and sit in the world.