My heart beats for the synergy between living things- most of all human beingness. 

I strive to create experiences that shove people's faces in pie. I want to wake people up even more! Make them laugh uncomfortably! Feel! QUESTION! Challenge the norm! Feel brave enough to be whoever! DANCE hard! Get weird!  

This life I've been living has been charmed so far- so I live this gift like an art project and do what I can to enable others to do the same- I create darkly comic political satire; I perform on stage with every ounce of pleasure I have in me; I produce Morning Gloryville- a space where people can express themselves without judgement, feel embraced by a community, experience natural highs and authentic connections. Looking forward I want to tap more into my role as a healer and explore bodywork healing on people suffering from trauma.

I believe that giving the body what it needs- nourishment and movement- is where everything begins and ends. So everything I do- the theater I create, the parties I produce- involves total physical engagement. 

Lately, I am VIBING off of feminine energy and sisterhood. I want to connect all of the brilliant and beautiful women I've met all over the world, collect more and start a new world order that is feminist, socialist and nature-worshipping. For real though. Trying to dismantle the weird f-d up knots we've inherited through patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism, white-supremacy... etc. etc. I've got some ladies in my life who have been fighting these forces on the front lines- I want to stand with them.