We all go through stages of self-discovery in our lives, and I think I've constantly chased opportunities that push my boundaries. But, it wasn't until I found the purpose and autonomy in being a social entrepreneur, that I learned you can grow as rapidly as backpacking across Africa. My theme is rebirth. And, two months ago when I took the plunge and quit my corporate stable job, I was reborn. In Kenya, 2 years ago, I was awoken by the fact that women all over the world haven't been given the same shot at education and the chance to chase their dreams. Then and there, I pledged to change that for as many women as I could until the day I die. Rebirth to me, means you thrust yourself forward with the lessons that ground you, but aren't afraid to surround yourself with the new and unexpected. We can be "reborn" at any age, but for me, it was 25. And, this rebirth has taught me to jump in and never look back.