I feel like I gave up everything to be here and then I felt like: holy shit, here it comes again the rug pulled out from underneath me. The only constant in my life is change: a really bad breakup, a really bad move, a tragic situation - constantly picking myself back up, dusting myself off and having to move forward again but this time, it wasn’t as tragic as the other times. This time I thought: fuck it, get up on your feet and just go. I kept having it in my mind that I was building, gaining that momentum, working all these long hard hours so I could establish myself and pay off more debut and get closer to my dreams. I want to own my own venue. I want to own my own business and do creative things in it. I want to have a family. I want to be better, smarter, a leader, trailblazer. I was getting closer to that person and had it striped away yet I’m not falling back down the ladder. It is making me better because now I can go grab a better opportunity. I’m not going to fall this time. I’m not going to take any time to stop. I’m going to go faster and harder. Resilience. I’m pushing again. My focus is building that momentum and being a stronger person.