The only real pattern in all the people I'm really close to is self-awareness. That's the one governing quality that I think is in the kind of work that I do, the way that I communicate - my sarcasm - it's a good litmus test for if people can hang. Are they self-aware? Do they get it? That's the central idea in the kinds of stories I like too. If you're able to meet someone and the first conversation you have isn't small talk. Then you kind of know. It's the base layer for all the interactions I have. There's a not a huge distinction between who I am on a personal and professional environment. My sense of humor is largely the same. I would describe my sense of humor as a dry, observational, low-hanging world play. Self-awareness is doing things seriously without taking myself seriously. It brings me to - despite all of the truisms about being present and in the moment - that's where your best interactions and work come form. It's true so it gives me a very real confidence about anything that I'm doing. I'm not reacting with any anxieties about anything in particular. Being self-aware with how I see the world and how I'm living allows me to live without anxiety. I think it's pretty self-explanatory. You know what you want and don't get stuck in the details without doing anything.